Pet owners wait until last minute to find boarders

Reported by Lynda Figueredo  bio | email
Posted by Heather Setzler  bio | email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) -- As families head off on vacation for the holidays, their pets usually have to stay behind with friends or be checked into a kennel.  But pet owners are struggling to find a place for Fido to stay last minute.

The staff at the Pet's Pal Inn in Wilmington were overwhelmed Wednesday with last minute holiday boarders.

Many people had pet sitter cancellations or a family emergency.  The boarding facility even had last minute calls from people who simply didn't plan where they were going to house their pets while on vacation.

"People come in with a family emergency, we do our best to accomodate them," said kennel manager John Ponton.  "Of course in the end we look for safety concerns and make sure they all get along in a communal area. It's about two clicks away from chaos right now."

Many facilities across town are booked.  That means some families are still looking for pet sitters or will have to bring Fluffy along for the ride.