Lifewatch: Mannequin patients

Reported by Claire Hosmann - email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

(WECT) - Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center has just unveiled some cutting edge technology.  They are using human simulators to help future doctors and staff prepare for real-life emergencies.

Though it may look like a real emergency, the patients are mannequins.

"It's high intensity situations without the sometimes horrible outcomes you can have," said technician Mike Gosselin.

It's all part of Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center's new patient safety training center.

Students, residents, and staff can operate on dummy patients before they work with real patients.

"You don't want people learning those basic skills there, this is the place to learn those basic skills," said Dr. George Blike.

The mannequins can simulate everything that a real patient can do.

The hospital has everything from car accident victims to fake young children.  Plus, they have simulators for internal surgeries and x-rays, and even actors to play the parts of patients in different scenarios.

New Hampshire Congressman Paul Hodes toured the facility for which he helped secure a $275,000 federal grant.

"This is absolute cutting edge technology, this is the best of what medical technology can do," said Hodes.

The staff hopes that practicing on these patients could help future doctors save real patients in an emergency.