Lifewatch: Fencing

Reported by Claire Hosmann - email
Posted by Debra Worley -email

(WECT) - American athletes were very successful at the Beijing Olympics in the summer of 2008.

Now, a champion fencer is having a positive influence on some young students.

Sada Jacobson, has competed around the world from Algeria, to Cuba, and eventually to China where she claimed two Olympic medals.

Now, she's back to the states to tell kids that anyone can do it.  She's hoping to inspire the next generation of champion fencers at her home gym in Atlanta.

"The beauty of this sport is that anyone can really do it. It's such a mental game that you can use any kind of physical attribute that you have to your advantage," said Sada.

That's true whether she's sparring with her father, a former member of the United States National Fencing team, or her long-time coach.

Sada says fencing is unlike any other sport because of the unnatural body position.

"It's very lower body specific, so you need really strong legs. But you also need to be very quick and light on your feet," said Sada.

The technique is something the younger fencers are just now learning, and they have a good role model.

"It's kind of cool that's she's been in the Olympics. You know, it's not every day you get to meet a famous person," said Matthew Tennant.

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