Digital Defense Test

A recent report by will help you get on track to defending your home or business PC.  A survey on their site reports that about half of all companies feel they should defend their own corner of cyberspace, while many--40 %--believe that the government should take more steps to protect the cyberspace infrastructure.  A nearly 39-minute video with White House Cybersecurity Advisor Richard Clarke is available on the site talking about the national strategy for protecting the internet.  Also on this site is an interactive webcast where a panel of security experts discuss three different cyberattack scenarios.

For home, you can test your vulerability to hacking or viruses--and your results might even suprise you.  Each question comes with a tutorial to help you make your PC that much safer.  Another readiness test is there for executives, business managers, or IT professionals who should also be worried as much as network administrators or--as the site says--your resident geek!

For this week in geek, I'm Mark Avery.