Unequal Representation

September 20, 2002

What are they looking for? That's the question at least two African Americans are asking about the New Hanover County Commissioners' decision not to appoint a minority-member to the hospital's board of trustees. Meet reverend Anthony Watson. He served on the hospital board from 19-91 to 1996. He was the only African American of the twenty applicants to apply this year and he was denied. Watson says he doesn't understand what county commissioners are looking for.

County Commissioner Chairman Ted Davis says Watson was the only African American who applied. Davis says there has to be a diverse group of qualified applicants to apply in order for the commissioners to chose a diverse staff. But Doctor Virginia Adams, the Dean of Nursing at UNCW, doesn't agree. She's applied for the hospital board twice. And has been turned down both times.

Adams says the lack of commitment has discouraged her from applying again...Watson on the other hand thinks differently.

Reported By Heather Higgins: hhiggins@wect.com