Lifewatch: Non-surgical nose reshaping

Reported by Claire Hosmann - email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

CHANDLER, AZ (WECT) - The latest statistics available reveal that there were nearly 11 million cosmetic surgeries performed in the United States in 2006.

Between tummy tucks, breast augmentations, and facelifts, it seems like we all know at least one person who has gone under the knife.

Now a cosmetic surgeon is helping his patients change the way their nose looks, and no knife is necessary.

You can even have the procedure done during your lunch break.

Every time Victoria Schreiner thought about having her nose reduced surgically, she thought again.

"When you see somebody whose had an actually nose job done where before you know it they have bandages and their eyes are black and blue and you cant go anywhere for a few weeks. I cant do that I'm a busy person, I want to get out and about," said Schreiner.

So why is Schreiner in a doctor's office posing for "before" pictures?  She is about to undergo a procedure that is fairly new in Arizona, and it's going to take less than five minutes.

"The procedure is called non-surgical nose reshaping," said Dr. Edgardo Zavala who runs the Ciao Bella Medical Spa in Chandler.

He says the days of bruising, swelling, and long recovery times from cosmetic surgery are going the way of the dinosaur.

"Cosmetic surgery is gearing towards becoming less and less invasive less and less expensive, hopefully and more affordable for everybody," said Zavala.

Zavala says the procedure won't actually make Schreiner's nose smaller, but it will maker her nose appear to be smaller.

"In her case its going to be a very simple thing. We just raise the tip of the nose and then we straighten the nose and make it look smaller and nicer, and that's exactly what she's looking for," said Zavala.

First, a numbing medication is injected into the base of the patient's nose.  Then, using a flexible tube with a blunt needle on the end, the doctor injects a filler called PMMA.  After that, ta-da! Schreiner's nose appeared smaller with no invasive surgery or long recovery needed.

Some unintended benefits can come out of this surgery.  Many patients reported they could breathe better afterwards.