Lifewatch: Shaken baby syndrome

Reported by Claire Hosmann - email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

NEW YORK (WECT) - A family has transformed a tragedy into a learning experience for others.

Darryl Gibbs lost a child to shaken baby syndrome, and is now trying to make sure other parents don't have to experience his pain.

On the eight year anniversary of the violent death of his baby daughter Cynthia, it's still hard for Darryl to look at a picture or let go of his pain.

So, instead of letting go, he's using the tragedy to spread awareness about shaken baby syndrome.

"Losing a child is always going to hurt. But it's learning to live with the pain," said Darryl.

Yonkers Daycare provider Barbara Baron is serving a 5-15 year sentence for shaking Cynthia so hard she suffered a fatal brain injury.

"Tell everyone, everyone that has a child, everyone you give your child to, I want you to tell them please don't shake my child," said Darryl.

Cynthia's law is now a law in New York State.  Governor Pataki passed the law in 2006 in honor of Cynthia, making it a felony to throw or shake a child.

Darryl has also become a nationally recognized educator on the dangers of shaken baby syndrome.

According to Darryl, a "Mikey Doll" is the greatest weapon in the battle against the syndrome.

It is a learning aid for parents, daycare workers, and healthcare providers.

"Cynthia will forever live in the children that are saved through my prevention and through my work and through my advocacy," said Darryl.

The 44-year-old father plans to take the doll everywhere he speaks in hopes it will prevent the death of another child.