Bowles Looking Toward Race Against Dole

U.S. Senate candidate and Democratic front runner Erskine Bowles arrived in Wilmington for his last stump here before Tuesday's primary. Bowles is a front runner on the democratic ticket, and with a victory he could likely wind up in a race against popular Republican, Elizabeth Dole. Today, Bowles told News Six, "you never look past the race you are in." But faxes received in our newsroom suggest otherwise. In one fax, Bowles' camp criticized Dole's new 7 point plan, the other implies Bowles has moved within 10 points of Dole. But Bowles insists he hasn't claimed victory, not yet. But before he could face off in the general election, Bowles must defeat 8 other candidates, 2 of whom are said to be running fairly strong campaigns. The Chairman of the Democratic Party in Wilmington believes Marshall is within 10 polling points of Bowles.