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First Act: Bug

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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) -- Just the word "bug" can give people the willies, but imagine an entire play, just called "Bug," centered around all the images that word can conjure.

"Bug could be you're being bugged," explained actor Angela Kennedy.  "There could be bugs everywhere.  Somebody could bug you.  So, it's all about the connotations of bug and what the results could be because of that word."
The show primarily focuses on Agnes, a lonely waitress living in a motel room in Oklahoma City.

"She's alone and she's looking for someone to come in there and fill those gaps and maybe make life for her a little less miserable," said Kennedy.
Enter Peter.

"He's a drifter.  He is a war veteran, and they establish a unique bond."

"They basically develop a paranoia that spirals out of control," added director Steve Caverno.

The two eventually believe there are bugs under their skin and in their blood.

"I would say you might start itching a little bit during some parts," said Caverno.

"When you leave the show your heart is going to be pounding out of your chest because everything we're showing you on stage is very uncomfortable, and there are some elements of surprise but there's also some psychological elements that are at play that will make you feel just as creeped out," said Kennedy.

"It definitely will give you the creepy crawlies," said Caverno.  "I imagine a lot of people are probably gonna be talking, kind of debating why someone did that or who this person really was.  So, yeah, there's gonna be some cool mysteries in there."

Which may just bug you as badly as the bugs.


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