Will Breazeale holds rally in Wilmington

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Posted by Kristy Ondo - email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - A Congressman-hopeful hoped to win votes at the Republican Headquarters on Saturday.

Will Breazeale held a rally to persuade voters to elect him for District Seven.

Breazeale is running against Democratic incumbent Mike McIntyre.

A crowd gathered in the rain to hear his plans.

Breazeale asked," Do the voters want someone they can trust and somebody that is successful enough to support them in Washington? I didn't go to Iraq to get rich or to take the kick back, or to see lobbyists.  I went to Iraq to serve this country and that's purely the reason I am running--to serve our Congressional District."

Congressman Duncan Hunter of San Diego, California is a former Republican presidential candidate and a 28 year veteran of Congress.  He attended the rally in Wilmington to campaign for Breazeale.

"Been in a tough, tight conflict for the United States of America, fought for us in the Iraq war three times and that's Will Breazeale. It is so important to have somebody with that experience to be in Congress and to make these important policy decisions on national defense," said Duncan.

Breazeale plans to be on stage with Senator McCain during his Wilmington visit.