Pink Pack: Lump to Laughter

Connie Hill
Connie Hill

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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) -- Connie Hill actually cried the day she found out she had breast cancer. For the 34-year-old mother of two small boys, ages one and three, there was nothing to smile about.

"I will always remember that day," said Hill.  "All I could do was cry."

But she did have something to smile about.  She found her cancer.

"I actually found the lump through a breast self exam. I went in to see the gynocologist.  She couldn't find it. That's why it's important to know your breast and to know the changes."

The Southern girl who had always found the good in everything decided breast cancer would not change her free spirit.

It was through her journey she decided to start Lump to Laughter, a Christian breast cancer support ministry.

"Doctors can tell you about treatments for breast cancer, but it's more about healing your spirit as well as your breast."

Today, almost five years after being diagnosed, Hill is now the author of a book.  The name is "Lump to Laughter."  It's her journey through illustrations of a character  named Grace.

"It's a faith-filled journey with hope, grace, faith all wrapped up."

Hill, who recalls a family road trip to her brother's wedding and the fun they had with her wig on a mannequin head, says you can find laughter in the journey.

She has two sons and a husband who she says have inspired her.  Now, with her new book, she hopes to inspire other women dealing with breast cancer, especially those who have the smiles wiped off their faces like she did.

"You've got to find hope even when death is speaking to you, to be able to step back and say no matter what I'm going to be okay."

Hill's book will be available October 17 at the Salt Shaker and the Sterling House.  You can order a copy now by clicking here.

Connie Hill is living proof that breast self exams save lives.