Lifewatch: Reflexology

Reported by Claire Hosmann - email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

SANTA CLARA, CA (WECT) - For centuries, the Chinese have claimed to know why you are feeling ill by simply applying pressure to the hands and feet.

While it may seem simple, Chinese Reflexology may be the path to good health.

Perfect Day Sap owner Tom Schriner said most people are so comfortable in his spa, they nap.  They perform a massage called reflexology.

"It comes from China. It's something they've been doing for years over there and something that's been needed here," said Schriner.

It is a foot massage from knee to toe.  Not only does it relieve stress and tension, the folks at the spa in Santa Clara say reflexology can warn you of more serious problems.

"Cause they do put a lot of pressure on the toes and the feet and all your nerve endings go down to your feet," said Schriner.

There are 104 points on the bottom of your feet that represent specific parts of your body.  They press firmly on parts of your feet, and it can hurt if you have never had it done before.

"If you have something going on with a particular organ you'll feel a higher level of sensitivity," said Ray Ruiz who gets reflexology once a month.

The masseuse watches the customer's face and if he senses pain or if the customer says "ow," it's an indication that something may need to be checked out.

"He was working my feet and I moved a little bit and he says, 'Oh this is high blood pressure.' That week the doctor put me on high blood pressure pills," said Schriner.

Those who work at Perfect Day Spa will be the first ones to say they are not doctors, but rather they serve as warning signs to check out potential medical problems before they get worse.