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Banana Spiders in Wilmington

Reported by Max Winitz - bio|email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

NEW HANOVER COUNTY,  NC (WECT) - During the warm summer months it's no surprise to see large black and yellow spiders hanging in the trees.

But the question is: are they dangerous?

Banana Spiders are well known to the area, but some people are concerned they could be a danger to children's safety.

One man spotted nearly 75 of the arachnids next to a playground at the Brigade Boys and Girls Club in Wilmington.

According to Sherry Tregembo of the Tregembo Animal Park, the spiders are harmless.

"They are similar to the garden spider. They have a toxin that is a neuro-toxin, but nothing like a black widow has. Most people who get bit by them just get some redness and pain where the bite mark is and it will go away in a couple of days," said Tregembo.

Yet, because of the vast numbers of the arachnids, some people who live near Brigade are concerned for the safety of small children.

After visiting the Brigade Boys and Girls Club, the staff took down many of the webs with a broom.

They may be generally harmless, but any child will tell you the Banana Spider is no itsy bitsy spider.


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