Battery Island Audubon Sanctuary

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Battery Island Audubon Sanctuary, or sometimes referred to as Bird Island is located just across the water from Southport.

It is a dredging spoils island that is about 100 acres in size.

Over the years as the trees and shrubs have grown it has developed into an incredible nesting area for many species of shore birds. These birds include: Ibis, Great Egret, Snowy and Cattle Egret, Oyster Catchers, Blue and Tricolored Herons and others.

An amazing fact is that 10% of the entire worlds Ibis nest here. There are approximately 9,000 pairs. One of the reasons for this is the close proximity of Lake Waccammaw and Boiling Springs Lake where the Ibis can find freshwater and freshwater mollusks to feed their young who have not yet developed a tolerance for salt.

This is an amazing island to pass by in your boat especially with a good pair of binoculars.

This is a protected island, no trespassing, so please stay in your boat and enjoy the sight from there.

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