Lifewatch: Healthy grocery lists

Reported by Kristy Ondo - email

Posted by Debra - email

WASHINGTON, DC - For thousands of Americans with food allergies and medical conditions hat are directly impacted by their diet, grocery shopping can be a dangerous situation if you buy the wrong foods.

Now, there is a new high-tech way to keep the groceries in your cart safe and healthy.

"He was not quite two at the time and he mistakenly had a bite of a peanut butter sandwich. We have no peanut allergy or even food allergy history in my family. It's pretty severe. He went into shock," said Jennifer Shure.

That was two years ago, and now her son is a healthy four year old.  Jennifer has been careful to keep their home peanut free ever since.

But that's not an easy assignment and shopping trips can take a while because she has to read labels.

Now, online grocer "Peapod by Giant" has created a web tool that quickly finds the foods and brand names that are right for you.

According to Peapod founder Thomas Parkinson, the nutri-filter works by creating a personalized shopping list.

Shoppers have two options to use the system.  They can either choose from set plans, like those who have food allergies, or they can create their own customized plan where they can find groceries that meet their specific needs.

Parkinson said this type of shopping is helping people make healthier choices about what they eat.

For Jennifer and her family the service is a huge convenience.

Click here to go to the peapod website. **

**Note: peapod does not deliver to the Wilmington area, but you can still use the web tool to find foods and check labels.  You may need to enter a zip code for an area peapod does deliver to in order to use the site.  (We used 02215) Even if a specific store is not nearby, most stores carry the same brand names.  We suggest forming a grocery list using peapod and then going shopping at a local store.