A funeral home in South Carolina will broadcast services online

Posted by Debra Worley - email

MT. PLEASANT, SC - The internet has certainly changed the way we live, and now a funeral home in South Carolina is taking memorial services into the technology age.

"A lot of families buy their first DVD recorder or camera at the birth of a child," said funeral director Brian Calhoun. "People spend countless amounts of money to video tape a wedding ceremony."

Death is one of life's milestones and is rarely memorialized on camera.

"This is just as important an event in someone's life when we celebrate the life of someone," said Calhoun.

Until recently, the funeral industry has been not been very influenced by technology.

Stuhr's Funeral Home is the first in South Carolina to offer families the option of a live funeral on the internet.

While Stuhr's is the first in South Carolina to do this, funeral homes in other parts of the country have been doing it for years.

Though it can be seen on the internet, it is not available to the entire world.

"We give the link to the website only to the immediate family," said Calhoun.

He said the new feature catches people off guard at first, but then seem to like the idea of family from out of town being able to see the service who wouldn't be able to attend otherwise.

Also, consider this: close to 200,000 troops are currently deployed in the middle east and getting home for a funeral isn't easy.

The services at Stuhr's are posted online for 90 days and DVD's are available.  The live webcast is available for church or graveside services, for an additional charge.

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