Big Switch Minute: Answering your questions

WILMINGTON -- As we head into the heart of hurricane season, we're getting more calls on our big switch hotline about battery operated TVs.

Floyd wants to know what happens to his battery powered TV after the September 8 switch to all digital.

There are several options.  Here are two: you can either buy a battery operated converter box or a digital ready battery TVs.

Betty wants to know if our new transmitter in Winnabow means we'll take down our tower at White Lake.

The answer is no, we use the White Lake tower to transmit news reports into our newsroom so it will remain as a beacon over Bladen County.

And Dana wants to know if it's too late to get one of those $40 coupons for a converter box before the big switch.

The answer is that it probably is.  The government agency that issues those coupons promises to speed up the process for the Wilmington area, but don't count on getting your coupon before September 8.

And look for Chief Engineer Dan Ullmer's guide to all things digital, here.

Reported by Jim Hanchett