Big Switch Minute: New Transmitter Site

WILMINGTON -- Engineers and experts are working on our DTV transmitter site in Winnabow.

The old transmitter was in Delco and was not nearly as effective as this new equipment will be.

We've been getting emails and calls from viewers in Surf City, Whiteville, and other locations wondering why their TV reception is so poor.

The new equipment should be up and running in a matter of days, and it should be much easier to see WECT broadcasts.

The difference should be dramatic if you're using an antenna to watch TV, and have connected a digital converter box to your set if it's not digital-ready.

The other advantage of this equipment is that it will allow WECT to transmit our newscasts and some other programming in high definition.

The station is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to make the switch.

The years of planning and the patience of our viewers is about to be rewarded.

Reported by Jim Hanchett