Lifewatch: Artificial Sweeteners

WILMINGTON -- Artificial sweeteners may be your dietary replacement for sugar to keep off the pounds, but new research finds it may do just the opposite.

According to the journal Behavioral Neuroscience, saccharin-based sweeteners like Sweet N Low may cause weight gain.

In the study, rats that ate yogurt sweetened with saccharin gained 20% more than those given yogurt with plain glucose added.

Researchers say saccharin tricked the rats' metabolisms into preparing for more calories than the yogurt actually contained.

According to the study's author, once the rat actually consume sugary, higher-calorie foods, they overate because their metabolisms were already primed.

Stevia is a sweetener that doesn't add calories or increase your desire to eat more.  It's an all-natural herbal extract that can be found in any natural health store.

Reported by Kristy Ondo