My Turn, Your Turn: Political signs

WILMINGTON -- We got an email from a man who is ahead of his time - by about four months.  Johnny wrote to us predicting the inevitable problem at the end of the political season.

That's when the politicians, winners and losers, fail to pick up their signs in a timely manner.

"Here's a possible solution," Johnny wrote.  "When a political candidate files for an office, he/she must pay their application fee PLUS a $2000 (nice round number) refundable "sign deposit" fee.  Once the elections are over and the winners are declared the winners MAY NOT TAKE OFFICE UNTIL THEIR SIGNS ARE COLLECTED....all of them!!!  Once done, they can get their deposit back and take office."

"To the losers.....same thing......pick up all your signs and get your deposit back or forfeit it to the Sanitation Department for having to do it for you."

I like Johnny's idea.  A political sign in someone's yard doesn't bother me.  But when they clutter intersections and open fields, they become eyesores.  And that's before the election.  When they stay out there for weeks, even months, it's downright criminal.

There's only one problem with Johnny's idea.  To do what he is suggesting, we need someone to pass a law - or at least an ordinance.  That means the politicians would have to regulate themselves.  And Johnny - I wouldn't hold your breath on that one.

That's Johnny's turn.  Now it's your turn.  To comment on this segment or anything else, email me at