Big Switch Minute: FCC visits WECT

WILMINGTON -- It is FCC night at the Wilmington Sharks baseball game at Legion Stadium.

But before heading to the diamond, FCC chairman Kevin Martin dropped by WECT to see how our station is preparing to switch to digital broadcasting on September 8.

WECT's Chief Engineer, Dan Ulmer, showed Martin some of the converter boxes and other equipment he's testing prior to the switch.

High tech companies are rolling out new products, including a device that converts your battery operated TV to digital.

That's critical as hurricane season looms.

"The Wilmington market has some advantages because it's broadcasters can continue to broadcast emergency information on their analog channels after the switch to digital for some period of time," said Martin.

Martin said this trip to Wilmington is aimed at hammering home the point - if you're not hooked to cable or satellite or have a new digital ready TV, now is the time to check out the new digital equipment.

Reported by Jim Hanchett