My Turn, Your Turn: Celebrating July 4

WILMINGTON -- It seems like we've become overwhelmed by everything that is going on around us.  We have an uncertain economy.  Inflation is hitting us at the super market.  Oil prices are taking a toll on us at the pump and on just about anything else we purchase.  And it seems like everywhere you look another home is being foreclosed.

If that isn't bad enough, natural disasters have struck our friends in the Midwest and California.  And oversees, the war drags on.

Woohoo - pull out the sparklers let's celebrate the 4th.

No, I'm being serious here. We need to celebrate.

You see, in all this turmoil - it is so easy to overlook all that hasn't changed. Celebrate this:  Our farmers still produce enough food to feed the world over.  Our health care and judicial systems may be flawed, but are still the best ever devised.  We still have the greatest freedoms and liberties of anyone on earth.  And this is still the place where people from every corner of the globe flock to - bringing with them all their hopes and dreams of a better tomorrow.  And they're still coming, knowing full well that things aren't real great right now.

Maybe it's because they know this is still America - still a land of hope - and still a nation of promise.

So yeah - go ahead and pull out everything red-white and blue - let's celebrate this great country!

That's my turn.  Now it's your turn.  To comment on this segment or anything else, email me at