Services for the disabled

On Jun 27, 2008, Eric & Heather wrote:

Dear Mr. Goolsby;

Recently many families in the tri-county area have been informed that services provided to children and adults with developmental disabilities and mental health issues through funding from Southeastern Center MH/DD/SAS will be drastically cut or taken away all together. You may have seen news reports on WECT regarding this. My husband and I have a 3-year-old boy with autism, and have been waiting since 2007 for a developmental therapist via this funding, and now we've been told we will not be getting this service at all.

In addition to writing to our state representatives, contacting the media, and protesting, do you know of any other legal actions that the affected families could take?

Thanks for your time.

Thom Goolsby's response:

Eric & Heather:

I wish that I could give you good news.  I have twin sisters who are disabled, mentally and physically, in Florida.  My mother constantly goes 'round and 'round with the State.

Do you have an legal advocate for your child?  If not, you need one.

Unless you have some federal or state law mandating treatment, the political route is your only hope.

Please educate yourselves on the law and make sure that the bureaucrats are playing by the rules.

All the best -- Thom

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