My Turn, Your Turn: Secondary Primary

WILMINGTON -- I'm not very political. In fact, I learned a long time ago I should keep my political opinions to myself.

Turns out a lot of us followed that same advice this week.  Did you know there was an election on Tuesday?  Voters in the Democratic Party were asked to go back to the polls to settle a runoff for the party's nominee for state labor commissioner.

I'm guessing you probably didn't know - because virtually no one showed up to vote.  Just a little over one percent of the voting public went to the polls.  No - this is not a commentary about low turn-out and voter apathy.  Instead, this is a commentary about wasting money - your money and my money.

You see for this one race- every precinct in the state had to be opened. The machines had to be in place - and workers had to be paid.  How much do you think it all cost? How about 4 million dollars?

Now please remember voters already decided this race in the May primary.  But since the victory wasn't by enough votes, the loser was allowed to call for another election.  A four million dollar do-over.  That's not democracy - that's denial.  And the fact that we have a law that allows it is just plain stupid.

By the way, the candidate who lost in May - lost again this week.  But the big losers - you and me - to the tune of four million dollars.   And unless we get rid of the second primary system, it will probably happen again.

That's my turn.  Now it's your turn.  To comment on this segment, or anything else, email me at