Why your advertising dollar is best spent on television

Reach: Broadcast television reaches more people each day than any other medium. Adults spend 94 minutes MORE with television each day than with radio, newspaper and magazines combined!  90% of all Adults were reached by television yesterday alone! In fact, adults watch broadcast television an average of four hours and forty minutes per day.  (2006 Media Comparison study)

WECT reaches 274,000 unduplicated Housholds each week! That's 143,000 more Housholds than the ABC affiliate, 179,000 more households than the FOX affiliate and 206,000 more than the CBS affiliate!              * (February 2006 Nielsen HH Weekly Cume Sun-Sat 5a-5a)

Coverage: More than 98% of all homes have access to broadcast television. However, cable television only reaches about 70% of homes. In addition, broadcast television retains 50% of the viewing audience, leaving dozens of cable channels fighting for the rest. The single best way to reach a mass audience is with a carefully planned marketing campaign on the WECT Network.

Impact: Television advertising blends sight, sound, color, motion and emotion to have the greatest impact on potential customers. Well produced ads can actually become "water-cooler" topics of conversation. When was the last time you discussed, or much less remembered, a newspaper ad? What's your favorite radio commercial? Now think of all the television commercials you remember from years gone by. If I say "Don't Squeeze the..." What would you say? What about the now famous "AFLAC" duck? And you actually watch the Super Bowl for the game, or the commercials? Television campaigns have the ability to live for years and become part of everyday society. Your well produced commercial will create that "Top of Mind Awareness" that is crucial in today's competitive marketplace. This "Top of Mind Awareness" will help you to reach and influence more of your potential customers, increasing name and product awareness, and most importantly, increase store traffic.

To learn more about television advertising on the most watched station in your local market area, contact WECT at sales@wect.com. Let WECT answer any questions you may have, as well as help you to create a marketing campaign that will help your business accomplish its goals. WECT is where results come first!