Olympic hopeful for the American swim team

CALIFORNIA -- As a freshman in high school an athlete barely missed out on competing on the American swim team at the Olympics in Athens.

Now, four years later, Stanford freshman Kate Dwelley is ready to battle for a spot on the American team in Beijing.

The Olympic trials are next week in Omaha.

Dwelley grew up swimming among the waving grain in the Delta.  She may not look like a farm girl as she glides through her lane in the pool, but she grew up running through rows of corn on her family's farm in Brentwood.

"When we were young we'd go out and play out in the cornfields and out in the orchards and stuff and make little games and just entertain ourselves," said her brother, John Dwelley.

Dwelley never lost a race in four years at Liberty High, and she won eight individual state championships.

Cal-Hi sports named her the girls athlete of the year in 2007, and she followed that up with two medals at the World University Games in Thailand in August 2007.

Now, the swimmer is focusing on the Olympic trials, and a shot at Beijing.

"I've definitely been looking forward to it for the past four years, I think that I've had a lot of improvement this year and so I can't wait to see how it goes," said Dwelley.

Reported by Lois Hart