Three young men arrested for disturbing a graveyard in Elizabethtown

ELIZABETHTOWN -- Three men are under arrest for being accused in a grisly crime.

They are charged with disturbing the dead as they vandalized a cemetery.

Jennifer King and the members of her family have gone to the Harrelson Graveyard for years to spend quiet moments with buried loved ones.

But now, they're dealing with destruction and vandalism in the sacred place.

For the past 106 years no on had disturbed the headstones, or the skeletons inside.  But, the tombstones no longer stand undisturbed, and the skeleton of Enos Harrelson was desecrated.

"Someone smashed his skull," said King.

Several headstones were overturned, but the most shocking crime was the removal of a skeleton and disturbing the grave.

Family members visited the graveyard, assessing the damage, and stunned by what they saw.

After the family left, deputies were ready to make several arrests.

18-year-old Johnathan Jamison had been helping raise a fallen headstone, but now he is in handcuffs along with 18-year-old Travis Purdie.

Both men are charged with desecration of a grave and desecration of human remains.  Both charges are considered felonies.

A third teen, 17-year-old Patrick Edmonds was also arrested.

With the arrest of these teens, the family may be able to get some answers they're looking for, but nothing can ease their pain.

Reported by Joe Keiley