Camp Lejeune Fire Department employees are concerned about safety

Courtesy: Josh Bowers
Courtesy: Josh Bowers

ONSLOW COUNTY -- Several employees of the Camp Lejeune Fire Department are concerned about the safety of some of the base's equipment.

According to employees, much of the equipment is out of service, dysfunctional, or not being properly repaired or maintained.

They said sprinkler systems don't have water, and fire alarm pull boxes don't work.

The employees said Marines and their families could be at risk, because the faulty equipment may not alert firefighters to an emergency.

WECT's phone calls to officials at Camp Lejeune were unreturned.

Tuesday, the Marine Corps said it is launching its own investigation.

Three former and current employees of the Camp Lejeune Fire Department allege that smoke detectors and fire alarms are not being inspected at the base.

A Camp Lejeune spokesman said an internal investigation into the employees' claims is underway.