Big Switch Minute: Coupon trouble shooting

WILMINGTON -- In most cases, you can't get a converter box coupon if you get your mail at a post office box instead of your home.

The coupons, in the shape of a credit card, allow you to buy a converter box at a deep discount.

And, you need one of the boxes if your TV isn't hooked up to cable or satellite, and isn't one of the new digital-ready models.

The law setting up the coupon program forbids the post office from putting the coupons in most post office boxes.

So what do you do?

One option is to wait.  The government is considering changing the law.  But, that process could take a while and you don't want to get left in the dark on September 8.

The other option is to get a friend or a relative who doesn't need a coupon to apply for one and have it sent to their home.  As long as no money changes hands you can use the coupon.

Or, the third option is to buy the converter box and pay full price.