My Turn, Your Turn: Fathers

A young employee at the station said something this week I just have to share with you.  She used the phrase "best friend" to describe her father.

Oh, she would agree with me that moms are great too. We all love our mothers.

But there is something unique about dads. Somehow that relationship, more than any other, just defines who we are.

If you have any doubt, just look at what happens when a father is absent. You'll easily find the products of such broken relationships in prisons and homes for juvenile delinquents.  Even if the dad is in the picture, and the relationship wrecked, the pain lives on.

I'm fairly confident some very successful people are still secretly trying to win the approval of their fathers.  In spite of all they have done, it's almost like they haven't made it until they hear dad say: I am proud of you.

You see, I think we are all inherently wired, yearning for the love and support of a father.  And when we receive it - like my young co worker- then our dads are honored with titles like best friend or even hero.

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