Aquatic Safaris One under distress miles away from Wrightsville Beach coast

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH -- Wednesday afternoon, the Aquatic Safaris One, a 48-foot dive boat, started to take on water about 33 miles off the coast.

13 passengers and three crew members were on board, when the shaft broke and water started to seep in.

They put out a mayday call, and help arrived.

Aquatic Safaris has two boats, the larger of the two had problems.

The Coast Guard sent three boats out to sea when the distress calls when out.

But, another private boat in the area, the Andiamo, heard the mayday called, showed up, and took the passengers to dry land.

The Coast Guard said in times like this it is always good when a fellow boater can help in a rescue.

"It's good that people are out there and want to do the right thing. We share the information with the boating public, and if they can respond in any way, they'll respond," said Petty Officer Matthew Rogers.

The divers made it back to dry land, thanks to a good samaritan's boat.

The Coast Guard said the Aquatic Safaris sent its second boat out to tow the first one in.

Longtime deep sea diver Doug Oswald said this was the first time he has ever had to abandon ship.

Reported by Jon Evans and Kelli O'Hara