Two funeral homes in Wilmington join forces

WILMINGTON -- A Wilmington funeral home that once belonged to the late Senator Luther Jordan has been sold.

But, the new owners are no strangers to the area.

The owners of French I. Davis Funeral Home purchased Jordan's Funeral Home last week, and now the latter is undergoing a big change.

The Davis and Jordan names are intertwined when it comes to the Wilmington funeral business.

Karen Davis was looking to expand and move her father's business and was able to buy the Jordan funeral home.

It took only two months to close the deal, but the first conversations took place long before.

"I had actually talked to Luther years ago when he found out he was sick about possibly merging the two funeral homes, but it didn't come to pass," said Davis.

Now that the sale is complete, the place will operate as Davis Funeral Home - Jordan Memorial Chapel.

The Davis sisters will operate the business, honoring the Jordan name and their father, French I. Davis.

Both funeral homes have served generations in the African-American community.

Now together, Davis said she hopes they are able to serve an even larger clientele.

Wilmington is playing host his week to the National Funeral Directors Association.

That group's president said that many funeral homes are facing similar situations as the Davis', leaving families to combine business.

Both the Davis Funeral Home and the Jordan Funeral Home opened in 1944.  And now, the two businesses and two families are creating a new chapter together.

Reported by Joe Keiley