Foreclosed homes in Wilmington

WILMINGTON -- Many families leave various belongings in their foreclosed homes.

Real estate agent Pam Wooddell said she sees fully stocked house all the time, and it hurts her to know that homeowners are leaving behind irreplaceable memories with a pile of unpaid bills.

"It's irreplaceable stuff mostly, that bothers me more than anything else.  Or I can't tell you in 6 years how many family Bibles we've found and you open it up and there's the whole family lineage and somehow that didn't make it out the door," said Wooddell.

Wooddell works for a Wilmington company that inspects and sells homes in or near foreclosure.

Her business has grown from 13 homes in May 2007 to 49 in May 2008.

When families leave foreclosed homes, they leave everything from clothes and furniture to family photos and journals.  Most of their items and memories will just end up in the dumpster.

Reported by Laura Sinacori