My Turn Your Turn: Driving Distractions

WILMINGTON -- We've had some fun talking about bad drivers & traffic in this area. You may have disagreed with some of what I said, but we all know there is room for improvement.

There are the inattentive drivers - like the ones always on their cell phones.

There are the law breakers - those who have no regard for the speed limits.

And there are those aggressive drivers who are down-right reckless and dangerous.

But all these problems have one common denominator - one giant thread that holds them together. You see, even though we have so many beautiful & scenic views, when we get behind the wheel we tend to develop tunnel vision. It's as if we think there is nothing more important than where we are going, and when we will get there.

We seldom bother to notice the driver in the next car is another person. It could be a father leaving work, trying to make it to his son's little league game; the college student on her way to the job that helps pay her tuition; or a couple that's been married for forty years - just trying to make it to beach where they can share a romantic walk.

We don't think about them - but they are there - in every car that passes. They are people - real honest to God human beings.  And their journey is every bit as important as ours.  Taking them into consideration requires a different mind-set.  It's nothing new.  It's as old as the gospels. It's about putting others first.  Maybe if we learn how to do that when we're on the road, it will become a lot easier to do it in all aspects of our life.

That's my turn, now it's your turn.  To comment on this segment, or anything else, email me at