Big Switch Minute: Radio Broadcasting

WILMINGTON -- On September 8, WECT loses the ability to broadcast its audio signal on 87.7.  It is one of the unfortunate side effects of the switch to digital television.

But, residents of southeastern North Carolina don't need to worry about staying informed, even if the power goes out or the cable stops working during storm season.

WECT is forming a partnership with Cumulus Broadcasting to make sure critical news and weather bulletins go out to the widest possible audience in any urgent situation.

WECT's News and weather coverage in emergency situations will be carried live on WGNI-FM, 102.7, one of the Cumulus stations in Wilmington.

The partnership will also benefit WGNI listeners even when the wether is calm.

WGNI will share information gathered by the WECT News and First Alert Weather Team through the morning and during news breaks whenever the need arises.

"This arrangement brings together the best of radio and television in the Wilmington area and sends a clear message to local residents that, together, we are their number one source for the information they need to stay safe," said WGNI program director Mike Farrow.

Reported by Jim Hanchett