My Turn, Your Turn: Bad driver responses

WILMINGTON -- My commentary last week on the bad drivers in this area led to a traffic jam in email responses.

Over 80 percent of those who wrote agreed with me - like Catherine telling me: "I've spent most of my 43 years here...and I HATE driving in this town! Yes, it has grown and there are more cars on the road. But good grief. What ever happened to good manners?"

But it is much more fun to share those that took issue with what I had to say; like Ralph, who said: "I did not know you had such a finely tuned ESP. I am unable to look at a driver and determine whether they are a native or someone who just moved here. Perhaps you can tell me how you identify the native drivers. Is there a tattoo on their forehead that I am missing?"

Well Ralph - I didn't mean to imply that just natives were the bad drivers. I was simply saying that too many people try to point the fingers at tourist and out-of-towners - and that's not fair either.

From Joseph, I got this: "No one likes a "newcomer" coming in telling us what we are doing wrong...You shouldn't set yourself up as "the know-it-all."

And from R. R: "I challenge you to go to Charleston, Savannah, Miami, Atlanta, DC, New York City, LA, and see some real traffic."

I'd answer that but another viewer does it better: "I moved here from New York City, and I would rather drive in traffic there than here."

I know you are not going to agree with everything I say. In fact I hope you don't. That would get boring.

But please know when you disagree - it doesn't end there. We'll make sure your voices are heard. That's your turn. And to comment on this segment or anything else, email me at