Big Switch Minute: Readiness

WILMINGTON -- With the transition to digital television in our area less than 100 days away, a new survey suggests some TV viewers aren't up to speed.

The audience at a recent Town Hall meeting on the big switch included quite a few TV viewers who might remember the days before cable or even before color.

A new report suggest these people understand that they are part of the overwhelming majority of Americans who are ready.

Young adults, the people who usually pick up on new technologies first are the ones who are lagging behind.

Nielsen, the TV ratings company, said about 16 percent of all TV sets in the country aren't digital ready and aren't hooked up to either cable, satellite, or a converter box.

Nielsen found people ages 18 to 24 would be most impacted if the transition occurred today.

That may be because they rely on i-Pods, laptops and other devices for entertainment and don't think of television first.

Nielsen didn't include Wilmington in its survey, but found Hartford, Connecticut is the most prepared city in the country, while Milwaukee is the least.

Reported by Jim Hanchett