Does It Work: Magic Jack

WILMINGTON -- On TV, the magic jack promises an easy way to make cheap phone calls.

The magic jack is a little device that connects your phone to your computers and promises that it will allow you to make unlimited calls, virtually for free.

The makers claim that the sound quality is as good as using any phone, but does it work?

When you first plug the magic jack into your computer, it starts downloading the necessary files automatically.  Then it prompts you to choose an area code for any stat you want.

Once you choose an area code, you are set up with a new number within seconds.

The first test call was to someone standing just a few feet away, and the phone call came in clearly.

The next test was to call someone long distance.  That call didn't work as well.  There was a lot of static interference on the receiving end.

So, while the magic jack worked on local calls, if you're planning to use it for long distance you may want to put your decision to purchase it on hold.

Reported by Laura Sinacori