The FCC answers big switch questions in Wilmington

WILMINGTON -- Some of the most powerful people in broadcasting are in Wilmington, working to educate TV viewers about the upcoming switch to digital television.

Wilmington is the first TV market in the country to make that switch, and some of viewers are clearly concerned about how they will stay informed during a hurricane.

According to FCC officials, if your TV is hooked to cable or satellite or is digital ready, you are set for the big switch.

But, if you've got TV's around the house that use antennas or is battery operated, you have a few steps to take.

Since the big switch takes place at the height of storm season, it is important viewers are prepared for the digital change.

"They're going to have to go out to buy a new digital battery operated TV. And those are on the market right now," said FCC Chairman Kevin Martin.

Radio Shack executives said they are trying to get a stock of battery operated digital TV's into their stores.

Other retailers are also arranging to sell those TV's.  But just a caution, right now they are expensive.

Reported by Jim Hanchett