Big Switch Minute: Electronic Disposal

WILMINGTON -- You certainly don't need to get a TV to be ready for the big switch.

If you have cable, a satellite service, or a new digital TV, you are all set.

But, perhaps you have a TV in a bedroom or a kitchen that depends on an antenna, you can buy a converter box to make sure you don't miss a moment of programming.

Of course, there's also the alternative of going out and buying a new digital TV.  But what do you do with the old set?

This Saturday, you can bring TV's, old computers, and other electronic devices you don't want anymore to the New Hanover County Landfill.

The county takes the equipment and safely disposes of it, so it doesn't end up in a trash pile where dangerous chemicals could contaminate the ground.

If you miss this Saturday's opportunity, there will be another opportunity on the last Saturday in June.

A similar disposal site is set up in Fayetteville.  It only takes a few minutes to drop off your TV, and you'll be helping the environment.

Reported by Jim Hanchett