Soho Steakhouse

Early Bird Special $5.00 off selected Entree's

Mon - Thur. -  Steak Dinner Specials all entree's under $20

Chef Michael PatriaSoho Steak house is proud to introduce Chef Michael Patria formerly of the Ritz-Carlton in San Francisco. Please visit us at for more information about our new menu.

Below are just some of the following items that Chef Patria is introducing us to as he creates his "southern cuisine with a twist" menu.

- Fried Calamari w/pepper diamonds and sweet chili sauce - $9

- Open Face BBQ Duck Sandwich w/house made "hybrid" BBQ sauce
and Gratin Mustard Cabbage - $15

- Lobster Pot Pie with krinkles dyllo crisp - $20

- Grilled American Lamb T-Bone Mint - Saffron Cous - Cous, Red Onion Marmalade, and Blueberry Lamb Jus - $29

- Goat Cheese Encrusted Hangar Steak, Roasted Fingerling Potatoes, Truffled Wax Beans, and Shallot Jus - $18

All Items served with choice of two sides