Does It Work: Contour

WILMINGTON -- The Contour promises to give you stronger abs and remove up to three inches from your waist line in two weeks without having to do a single sit up.

But is this too good to be true?

The Contour uses electrodes to stimulate your muscles and costs $14.95 for a one month trial.

WECT's Laura Sinacori tested the product to see if it would work.  First, she measured her waist so she could later compare the results.

Then, she got a second opinion about the belt from a personal trainer.

Trainer Hayley House said she doesn't think quick weight loss techniques work.  Instead, she said exercise is required to tone any part of your body.

"Hard work and a good diet.  In my opinion, a quick fix is not the answer.  It takes time, effort, and a good workout to get your abs how you want them.  You've got to put effort in," said House.

Sinacori wore the belt for about two weeks, but realized that having it on inspired her to work out more.

After two weeks were up, she measured her self again and shockingly had lost two inches.  But, you can't just associate the loss with the Contour.  You have to also consider eating and work out patterns.

While the Contour was the boost Sinacori needed to get outside and workout, it is hard to say if the weight loss was from the device or effort.

Reported by Laura Sinacori