Lifewatch: Sunless Tanners

WILMINGTON -- Beach season is here, and doctors warn of the risk of skin cancer from sitting in the sun.

According to experts, the safest way to have that sun-kissed look is to use self tanners, and there are dozens to choose from.

The Good Housekeeping Research institute put 10 of the newest self tanners to the test.

They tested them in the lab and on the skin.

Five of the newest gradual glow tanners and five of the latest one-time application tanners.

But which ones are the best?

29 volunteers applied the self tanners and rated them for color, spreadability, overall tone, and fragrance.

In addition, the gradual self tanners that promise moisturizing were tested for their hydration levels by using a device called a corneometer.

It is important, because self tanners tend to dry out the skin.

In the one time application category, the Good Housekeeping test said Guerlain Self Tanning Gel was the best.

Neutrogena and Loreal tied for a close second.

The Guerlain retails for $50 while Neutrogena and Loreal each sell for $10.

Among the gradual self tanners, the leader in the Good Housekeeping test was Nivea at only $7 a bottle.

The main chemical in most of the sunless tanners mentioned is FDA approved, but be careful with spray tans you get in a booth at the tanning salon.  They are not regulated by the FDA.

To see what the Food & Drug Administration has to say.  Some products are approved, including many sunless tanners.  Spray-on tans from tanning booths are NOT FDA approved.  For more information from the FDA, click here.

Reported by Kristy Ondo