Lifewatch: Counting Calories Websites

WILMINGTON -- Counting calories could help you lose weight, but sometimes the task can be tedious.

Now, there are some websites that makes it easier to add up those numbers.

Marianne Zuhorski is keeping up with her workouts as she prepares to have her second child.

She isn't counting calories now, but she has in the past with the help of

"You start tallying it up and it adds up quickly. So it does help you lose weight and watch what you're eating. You just don't realize during a busy day what goes in," said Zuhorski.

She credits the website with helping her shed 25 pounds after her first child. and are two other websites that offer free help counting calories.

Many will even tell you how many calories you're ordering when you eat at your favorite restaurants.

According to Body Firm nutritionist Tammy Parkinson, you can use that information to stick to your diet.

"If you know you are going to go out to eat, go online ahead of time, see what's available to you so you can deduct that from your calorie bank that will enable you to manage your calories every day," said Parkinson.

These tools will only help you if you're honest about everything that goes in your mouth.

"You want to take a look at: 'Am I having salad dressing? What about mayo? And ketchup? Am I having a serving of french fries, what's a serving -- one cup? Two cups?" said Parkinson.

In addition to counting calories, these websites can help you learn a few things about what is in your favorite foods.

But, registered dietitian Julie Upton warns some calorie counts may be inaccurate.

"No government official is checking these websites that are free and providing nutritional information to make sure they are accurate, so the best source is the US government nutrient database. It's the gold standard most dietitians will be using," said Upton.

Upton said there is no question that these websites are getting people to think twice about their food choices.

It takes a little work at first to get used to the websites, but keeping track gets easier once you've entered your favorite foods and set up a personalized list.

Reported by Kristy Ondo