Big Switch Minute: Hurricanes

WILMINGTON -- The big day when WECT makes the big switch is drawing closer.

On September 8, our station and others in Wilmington will be the first in the nation to broadcast only in the new digital format.

This week, New Hanover County storm planners are holding drills, preparing for a fictional hurricane Laura making landfall along the coast.

Our big switch to digital is taking place during hurricane season, but as long as you have cable, a satellite service, or a digital-ready TV you will be able to receive our storm coverage uninterrupted.

If you have an antenna you can buy a converter box to solve the problem.  But during a storm, many people rely on battery powered TV's or listening to our broadcast on the radio.

As storm planners prepare for the season to come, we are preparing to keep you informed despite the weather.

WECT is working with several local radio stations to make sure you can hear us on the AM/FM dial, and we are working to make sure you can still watch us with a battery powered TV.

Even though it is complicated on our end, we know how critical the switch will be.  So, when we have firm answers we will keep you informed.

Reported by Jim Hanchett