Dog Attacks and Kills Child in Onslow County

ONSLOW COUNTY -- A dog attacked and killed the young son of a corporal stationed at Camp Lejeune.

According to Nat Fahy, a spokesman for the Marines, a pit bull attacked Julian Slack Wednesday afternoon on the base at Tarawa Terrace One.

"The pitt bull got excited when he saw the child and attacked him," said Fahy.

Slack arrived at the hospital without a pulse and was pronounced dead around 5:00 Wednesday evening.

Medical examiner, Dr. John Almenida said Julian was bitten on his arm, face, and neck and bled to death.

The military reveals that the pit bull who attacked the boy is owned by a friend who doesn't live on base.

Federal military investigators are determining what, if any, charges will be filed against the dog's owner.

As for now, Marine commanders say they are deeply saddened as one of their families is forced to grieve the loss of a young life.

The dog has been captured and is being held at the Camp Lejeune kennel.

No specific breeds are forbidden on base, but there is a base order that says animals deemed vicious are not allowed in base housing.

Reported by Kelli O'Hara