Does it Work: PedEgg

WILMINGTON -- You may have heard the saying about walking on eggshells, but now a new device let's you walk on eggs.

If the PedEgg is as good as advertised, it will make your feet feel smooth.

It is an egg shaped tool meant to give your feet a baby soft look and feel without making a mess, but does it work?

The egg costs about $10, and looks like a small cheese grater.

First, WECT's Laura Sinacori tested the PedEgg on a balloon, because the makers claim it is gentle enough to not pop a balloon.

It worked, the balloon didn't pop.

Then, Laura tested her feet.  It sounds like a saw, but doesn't hurt at all.  Little by little, her feet are a lot smoother than they were.

The PedEgg claims to hold all the shavings inside the egg, but it didn't collect them all.

But if you use it over something, like a trash can, then this small device could save you a trip to get a pedicure.

Reported by Laura Sinacori