Wilmington Consumers Faced with Choice about the Future of Their TV

WILMINGTON -- With "The Big Switch" approaching more quickly than planned, Wilmington consumers are now faced with a choice about the future of their television sets.

According to Benjamin Morman, one of the digital television experts at Circuit City, the first step in making sure your TV doesn't end up broadcasting static is to check the number of TV sets you have, and then see if you want to upgrade.

The digital transition may, or may not, leave you with plenty of decisions.

If you currently receive your signal through a cable or satellite provider, you should continue to receive a signal.

Those who receive television through an antenna will be left with a choice about how much you may want to pay to get ready fro the digital future.

You can shell out several hundred dollars or more and buy a full HDTV set, or you can buy a converter to keep your current set up and running.

With a digital signal, you will notice right away if the TV is on or off, unlike the analog signal where you have to fiddle with the antenna for the perfect picture.

As we talk about "The Big Switch" in the coming weeks and months, it's important to realize Wilmington residents have less time than everyone in the country to purchase some of the needed products.

"It's exciting!  This is a big change, but ask us questions.  That's why we're here," said Morman.

Asking questions now may save you some headaches and a few dollars before the switch hits.

Reported by Joe Keiley