Wilmington is Going Digital First

WILMINGTON -- Wilmington will become the first television market in the nation to switch to all digital TV.

The Port City will serve as a test market to work out any kinks before the rest of the nation goes digital on February 17, 2009.

The Federal Communications Commission made the announcement Thursday in Washington, D.C..

Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo, WECT's General Manager Gary McNair, and a WECT news team were there for the announcement.

The big switch from analog to digital will take place September 8, 2008.

You will need a converter box if you do not have digital TV's and are not connected to a cable or satellite provider.

The United States Government is providing $40 coupons.

If you haven't applied for one of those coupons, click here.

Stay with WECT for more on the big switch in days to come.