Lifewatch: CPR

WILMINGTON -- What would you do if someone around you goes into cardiac arrest and drops to the floor?

Now, a little machine could prepare people to handle that type of situation.

A little over five years ago, Robert Schriever, a football and lacrosse referee, dropped dead during a game.

"And I just blew the whistle, and took two and a half steps and down I went. That's all I remember," said Schriever.

An automated external defibrillator (AED) saved his life.  But what if there isn't one readily available.

In that case, a Pocket CPR could be helpful.  You turn on the device and it will coach you through CPR.

This device is manufactured by Bio-Detek, a company that has made electrodes for AED's and EKG's for years.

Emergency room physician Dr. David Barash was an advisor on the device.  He realized the great need for making CPR convenient to do, and to be performed the correct way.

"They don't do it hard enough and they don't do it fast enough. One, it gives someone the confidence that they can do CPR, it coaches them while they do CPR and two, is it actually monitors their CPR so they're doing it effectively," said Dr. Barash.

Schriever's is confident in the device.  Not only does he own a few himself, he also uses them when he trains young people to perform CPR.

"Especially with the girls because the girls for some reason are afraid they're gonna hurt the person. So with this particular device I was able to convince them you have to press hard and I'm gonna show you how to do it and before long they were really doing the compressions like the guys were," said Schriever.

To learn more about the Pockect CPR device and how to buy one, click here.

Reported by Kristy Ondo